Wardrobe…. Starting the build

Mick, Marc and William started work on turning our wardrobes into an installation of art, which we hope will represent many forms of male caring….. Watch this space !!!

Alternative exhibition spaces.

Looking for a spoon when all you want is a fork.


Healthy competition

Wednesday saw the MWC guys competing  in typical fashion at crown green bowls at the stunning venue of Marsden Park, Nelson. The teams consisted of a wiley veteran called Jimmy and a total novice Marc, taking on the mindgame brothers of William and Mick.

After two blood thirsty games the mindgame brothers talked each other out of victory and the perfectly balanced veteran and first timer shone through.

Spectator sport.

Learning from the master bowler.

Mick in action.



4-web‘Conversation Pieces’ by Grant Kester

According to Habermas ‘every subject with the competency to speak is allowed to take part in discourse’, ‘everyone is allowed to question any assertion whatsoever’, ‘everyone is allowed to introduce any assertion whatsoever’, and ‘everyone is allowed to express their attitudes, desires or needs’. Kester 2004. page 109

Inspired during trip to UCLan Show!



Sam Pickett’s work looks like a landscape?img_0251

Viewing Sam Pickett’s work.


A journey of a brave student! A two channel film by Alan Harry


Tuned in to Molly Littlemore’s audio installation.


Enjoying Heidi Forster’s writings.


Rifting at the ‘games design’ student show.

UCLan Visit This Friday

This Friday morning (17th June) we are going over to The University of Central Lancashire to see the results of many creative endeavours at the Fine Art Degree Show in Hanover Building. We are aiming to be in the Hanover Building for 10:30 and you’re welcome to meet us there if you want a personal tour by our resident artist and (UCLan lecturer) William Titley.

It is a great opportunity to see the work of recent graduates from the Art, Design and Fashion Departments.

Below is another idea we had for one of our Gentleman’s Wardrobes. I’m sure we will find even more inspiration during our visit to UCLan on Friday.

Keep on caring!