Four Pairs

A very exciting meeting today with Caroline from Lancs Wellbeing. Nice to meet Richard, Jo and Darren and looking forward to hanging out more in 2017.

Meanwhile… what do you get if you bring together one pair of Gentlemen’s Wardrobes, one pair of donated bicycle wheels, one pair of old oars and three pairs of ‘Men Who Care’?

All will be revealed in the next few weeks.


Feast Wagons in Preston

Wow, what a fantastic array of objects at Oxheys Mill Studios in Preston.

The show, which is the culmination of a collaboration between Susan Walsh and Lubaina Himid is fully interactive, with the actually audience encouraged to touch and use the vehicles. Exquisite painting paired with utilitarian sculpture invites viewers to get up close with the vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Special thanks to Denise Swanson for a warm welcome and a grand tour of the artist studios, it was lovely to see you and Evelyn again.

Can U C Pi?

It was great to catch up today with Pi @pjrt and Daveid at the UCLan MA Show. We loved hearing about their inspiration for this latest collection of work. We like all things connected to Pi.

We were also lucky enough to meet the artist Abi Townsend who had made some work about contemporary farming conditions governed by forces beyond their control, this ultimately led to conversations about the price of milk these days.

This Friday at our base at Canal Cottages in Rosegrove is a chance to chat with Diane from CarersLink. Its also the start of our transformation of the Gentlemens Wardrobes into a little exhibition space.

Preston and public transport !!

A visit to preston was on the cards to meet a new contact called Marcus, and visit a small working art gallery/studios put on by some talented young UCLan graduate artists.

The day was a success and the group feel Marcus will be a great asset for the future. Also the art projects being worked on were very interesting, comparing life in Mexico with Lancashire.

However, the biggest form of surprise was an incident packed train journey home, where there were many forms of debate, opinion, resolve and other skills on show from our members, with one key message being learned “mind your business” or stand up for whats right. Both have positive and negative outcomes as we found out first hand, as the youth of today and the morals of us older folks clearly clashed, which is common on public transport, but all was resolved peacefully and lessons were learned for all parties concerned.🙂

Walking up Fishergate.

Having a tea break.

Camera Talk.

‘A Game Of Bowls’ 1927 by Roger Fry, on display at The Harris Art Gallery & Museum.

Preston’s ‘Covered Market’.

Outside Preston’s indoor market.

The Birley Studios, run by artists.

Healthy competition

Wednesday saw the MWC guys competing  in typical fashion at crown green bowls at the stunning venue of Marsden Park, Nelson. The teams consisted of a wiley veteran called Jimmy and a total novice Marc, taking on the mindgame brothers of William and Mick.

After two blood thirsty games the mindgame brothers talked each other out of victory and the perfectly balanced veteran and first timer shone through.

Spectator sport.

Learning from the master bowler.

Mick in action.


A bit of Crown Green

Despite the threat of rain we managed a couple of hours bowling at Marsden Park this morning. With spectacular views over to Pendle, the game was as dramatic as the landscape.

A very tight game with Jimmy Jewel setting the pace throughout and finishing with some stunning tactical bowls to keep Mick in second place, with Williams ‘beginners luck’ not getting the rub of the green.

We must find some time to make this a regular activity each Wednesday morning.

Chinatown visit

This weeks meeting  An interesting visit to Manchester City Art Gallery and Chinatown for the mwc this week. We had a look and shared opinions on the artwork on show whilst trying to spot the fake paintings placed as a competition by sky arts. There was also a very amusing and inspiring moment when members of the group got involved in some dressing up, for arts sake of course! (See pics). The next part of our day was my particular favourite, a member of our group and his son shared their knowledge of Asian flavours and their origin whilst trying the local bakery and supermarket produce, where I picked up some new flavours and skills.