Gentlemen and their wardrobes

Today we played some olds 45s and dreamed of turning a wardrobe into a record booth.

Alan shared his extraordinary and very successful career path over a cup of tea.

We looked through the random box of records and Alan made a ‘play list’ of nine that he recognised.


Invisible illness syndrome?


This is something I have found over the past few years while caring for my wife.

People tend to have heard of a lot of illnesses or disabilities and are willing to explore and learn the meaning enough to respect and treat people with dignity and help if they can, and rightly so.

However, there are many conditions such as Hidradenitus Suppurativa to name one, which go under many peoples radar.

My plea to you all is that old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’, and try to understand that negativeness in any form, about things you may not know about, can push a person back greatly in their quest for the best life possible.

BBQ ….come and learn about your community

Any males in the area who care in some capacity of life? Then lets meet…👍
There is a BBQ this thursday at Canal Cottage in Rosegrove, 1 -3pm .

If you think this group may apply to you then feel free to join us or contact us via the contact page or phone the numbers provided on this blog .

We know there are many more male carers like us are out there, and we want to organise a support group for us, that is run by us, so come on down and give it a try.

The BBQ is part of the Brightworks project and organised by Emma Fielding from the Canal and Rivers Trust as a thankyou to all volunteers and groups they have worked with. It is also an opportunity to show the facilities that we have and details of other projects taking place in future at this wonderful venue.

Please support us and come say hello.